Monday, 10 September 2012

News Of Vinnie …. Games Maker at Paralympic Games London 2012

What is he like? …. Vinnie said as he was doing the same jobs at the Paralympic Games we might be getting bored of his updates ….. as if!!
Paralympic Logo London 2012 LGames Maker Vinnie the VolunteerWe told him our followers just can’t get enough of the unique behind the scenes insight and pictures he sends us …. like ….
premier copier paper Paralympics….. the mahoooosive supply of photocopier paper he has been working his way through at the Village Services Centre….
Paralympic Media CentreNow, we thought that we knew everything there was to know about the world of rush photocopying but we have to bow down to Vinnie’s far superior knowledge and skills, he truly is the True Lord and Master of the Canon ImageRUNNER ADVANCE C2000 range!
pidgeon holes paralympisAnd then, when he has finished copying all the documents of an important result type nature, he has to file them all in each one of the 75 Swim Nations pigeon holes ….. several times a shift.
Village Life paralympic Newletter….. However he does get some respite and during his break he can take five minutes to catch his breath and all the news in Village Life, the behind the scenes daily newsletter for the Olympic/ParalympicVillage, in which he himself has appeared.  We are soooooo proud.


Anonymous said...

There's no stopping Vinnie; he just keeps amazing us! Vinnie has made his mark and has the admiration of all of us . We LOVE his reports and great pictures giving us behind the scenes views of these memorable events. Vinnie, you are memorable yourself!....Love Dianne

Mr.D said...

Vinnie is shown in front of the Mexican pigeon hole.
Mrs. D will be cheering on Mexico and I am cheering on Blighty.
I am back on line after a brief hiatus where I was not able to access "Monkey News," as Mrs. D calls it. I thought Monkey had been banned in Kazakhstan for being up to no good or something.
I did something technical and all is well again.

marc said...

we are glad your back mr D was the something tecnical switching the thing on lol i like Mrs D name for it monkey news big love marc

Mr.D said...

Marc - I had to get a new hamster to run in the wheel.