Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Vinnie’s Last Emotional Days Living His Dream …….

The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics have now ended, but we still have a few pictures of Vinnie's last days “living his dream” as a Games Maker ….. and his final reflections …
Paralympic Party AtmosphereHe said that in the final days he couldn’t believe how excited and effervescent  everyone was, and at times was he was totally overwhelmed by people wanting to have their picture taken with him, at least twenty times day!
Games Maker Work Force PartyPeople couldn’t believe that his accreditation was real and that it really was scanned  to let him through the doors of Olympic privilege, which did make him a proper and official bona fide Games Maker, and that he wasn’t just a stunt!Games Maker lets his hair down ParalympicsHe also said that it was also good to finally let his hair down and party a little …Paralympics party atmosphere….. as being efficient, responsible and a font of all knowledge after 6 weeks on duty was a little tiring, though he wasn’t grumbling one single bit!
Olympic Park Paralympic entranceEach day he pinched himself just to make sure he really was part of the London 2012 experience ….. (as the bruises on his bum prove)
London Paralympics…. and he tried to see everything through fresh eyes, just as he had seen it all on his very first day day at the Olympic Park, full of awe and wonder ….
London Paralympics Final Days….. embracing and squeezing each day for all that it was worth ….
Vinnie last look at pool….. knowing that he would never see the likes of these days again …
Games Maker Newsletter Final Days….. and that he was part of history, as it was being made….
Ellie Simmonds London 2012….. and will be talked about and celebrated for many years to come.
Paralympic Games Makers Thank You boardThe THANK YOU’s on the LOCOG Aquatic Staff display bought a tear to Vinnie’s usually restrained eye ….
Paralympic MedalsAs did the display of proudly handcrafted winners medals …. every day  medals were made to celebrate the success of each Team GB member as they won a medal, their names was put on the back and then they were hung from three handmade diving boards on the wall in the workforce canteen ….. everyone was so proud of them and when Vinnie told us about it we got very emotional too.
gAMES mAKER jANET gITTINGS….. And what of Auntie Jan’s Olympic/Paralympic Dream? ….. She was chosen to swim two of lengths of the pool for the “Broadcasting Rehearsal” on 29th August, so her name and time were flashed on the Olympic scoreboard, like a proper athlete and Vinnie was there to proudly watch her.
Aquatic Centre Diving Blocks London 2012She said she was very nervous, as she had never dived off a new style starting block before and didn’t want to make a tit fool of herself, but she was sooooooo excited! Unfortunately, she has only one photograph of this wondrous occasion, no shots of her on the aforementioned starting block, in the water, finishing or her name and time on the scoreboard.  She was soooooo mahooooooosively upset …. the person who assured her that they were a very competent photographer cocked it up good and proper ….. a devastating blow …. but at least the memory will stay with Auntie Jan forever …. we are very much gutted for her and wish our mum had been there for her as she takes pictures of every minute detail!!!
Vinnie A true Games MakerAnd what of the future for Vinnie and Auntie Jan ….. does Rio 2016 beckon? Only time will tell, but they already have a diary with lots of new and very exciting events pencilled in.
Olympic aQUATIC centre pool sample But we can’t wait for Vinnie’s return ….  as he has pertained for us an actual sample of the Aquatic Centre pool water for us to marvel at and treasure for always …… just HOW BRILLIANT is that?


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Mr.D said...

Well done Vinnie and Auntie Jan. Memories are better than photos in many ways. Are you going to learn Portuguese in advance of Brazil?

Anonymous said...

I found this a fitting and emotional farewell to The Games. Well done all of you.....UK ROCKS!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

So much hard work and dedication... Vinnie and Auntie Jan are champions for certain! Real Olympic pool water is an amazing souvenir. So much to be proud of and so much for us readers to be graeful for....Vinnie and Auntie Jan's Olympic experience has been a fantastic read for all of us and we will miss their fascinating adventures.....Goodbye to the Olympics but not to Vinnie and Auntie Jan as we will be looking forward to more of their marvelous dedicated volunteer work...So very special to see Vinnie and Auntie Jan in their Olympic environment...Thank you Vinnie for sharing your Olympic days!...Love..Dianne

Dianne said...

PS...Dear Vinnie and Auntie very glad glad your dream came true....looking forward to that next dream ..Dianne

KraftyKaren said...

I have really enjoyed seeing the Olympics and Paralympics through Vinnie's eyes - it has been a lovely adventure for him xx