Tuesday, 11 September 2012

More News Of Vinnie … Games Maker At The Paralympics London 2012

Paralympic Village Reception Deck London 2012Everyone can’t have helped but notice all the nail art that’s been going on at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games and Vinnie has been equally fascinated by it too and so couldn’t help but admire the Union Jack design sported by the lovely young lady working on the Equestrian Reception/Help Desk.
paralympics nail artHe has told us that he is determined to get his done too when he has a window of nail painting opportunity in his robustly busy photocopying duties, although he is a little worried that if/when he does get his done he will chip them on one of the machines, but c'est la vie!
Making paper cranesA place where Vinnie also likes to frequent, when it isn’t too busy is the Sitting Volleyball Reception Desk where they have taught him how to make origami boxes and cranes ….
Games Maker Paralympics Paper CranesHe says that if your are given an origami crane as a gift, it is considered to be very, very lucky, so we are looking forward robustly to him making and giving us one of his, as with our luck we would very much like to win the Lottery, X Factor or be selected to take part in Coach Trip!
Paralympic Village dinning hallAnd finally for todays never before seen behind the scenes scene … Vinnie has sent us a picture of the volunteers side of  Olympic/Paralympic Dining Hall, it’s mahooosively mahooosive …. and we cannot help but notice that there seems to be a lot of uneaten oranges on the tables ….. if only we were there to exhort the virtues of our five a day regime!  We have told Vinnie that if he sees a volunteer or athlete leaving a table without taking from the Fruit Bowl of Paralympic Plenty, he should chase after them and shove an orange or perhaps a couple of plums and a banana in to each of their pockets and say “Take this for later” thus preventing an unfortunate and embarrassing outbreak of scurvy within the Paralympic village!


Anonymous said...

So much to look forward to with Vinnie's volunteer adventures! He obviously has become an important part of the whole Olympic experience and so very appreciated by everyone he meets. He has shown one and all that he is a reliable, very competent member of the Volunteer Team...love the pictures of Vinnie...Dianne

Mr.D said...

To paraphrase Mae West: "Is that a couple of plums and a banana in your pocket or......"

marc said...

scurvy is not a good look and do hope they made marmalade and jam out of any unused fruit big love marc

Circle said...

I absolutely adore reading up on the adventures of Vinnie & Co on this blog, they seem to be getting up all sorts of mischief which brings me great job to read all about!