Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pizzarelli’s Make Nigel An Offer He Can’t Refuse ….

You may remember a week or so ago that Nigel that was enthusing greatly that our village now has a new authentic Italian pizzeria ….
pizzarelli's_thumb[5]….. but, we had had to curb his natural effervescence (and hunger) as our menus of late have had to be more carefully formulated and planned several weeks in advance and as such it is hard to include acts of a random pizza purchasing type nature. clip_image002However, when we were checking the behind the scenes operation of this blog we found two comments awaiting moderation that we hadn’t seen ……poor Nigel nearly had a Darrell type nosebleed when we read them out to him! Needless to say …. Nigel is most anxious to introduce himself ….. and take up Pizzarelli’s very kind offer …… but uncharacteristically,  bless him,  he is feeling rather shy about it!
029We will let you know how he gets on when he gets his eventually  gets his courage up…….


Anonymous said...

Nigel if you need anyone to hold your hand while you get your free Pizza - I'm ready, able, willing.........and rather partial to a pepperoni pizza.
JantheFan x

Athyn said...

what if some other monkey called Nigel beats him to it..

marc said...

just pop in and say hi i am sure we will all send a email wishing them luck after seeing them on your blog big love marc

Anonymous said...

Dear little this situation anyway, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait! Enjoy this special treat...maybe they will name a pizza after Nigel....wouldn't that be something?.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I wonder if Mr. Pizzarelli saw my comment about the possibility of free pizza for life for a monkey called Nigel and decided to make it happen. How much pizza can little Nigel eat before he becomes big Nigel?

Anonymous said...

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