Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Great British Bake Off …. Eat Your Heart Out ….

016Yesterday, Nigel’s robustly attuned olfactory perception temporarily lured him away from his duties with Cook in the school kitchen counting wooden ice cream spoons and lead him instead into the Food Technology Room where the girls were making Swiss Rolls……
swiss roll tinIt was another one of Nigel’s many awe and wonder experiences …..
Robbie Williams baby…. where he is totally overwhelmed by the breath taking activities that are going on around him.Rolling a swiss rollWhen one of the young ladies asked if he would like to assist her in the rolling of her Swiss Roll Nigel was beside himself, so much so that he could only nod his afirmative response like an over enthusiastic puppy!
gREAT bRITISH bAKE OFF SWISS ROLL….. With eyes as big as saucers ….. and listening with all due diligence, Nigel rolled the cooked sponge with a hand so deft, it was sheer poetry to watch.  The teacher, on seeing his efforts said that Nigel “….. showed a natural aptitude for the art of Swiss Roll rolling”  and added that his “lightness of touch was indeed perfection!”
GREAT bRITISH BAKE OFFNigel’s help was thus generously rewarded … with several slices of traditional Swiss comestible ….
013….. plus all the sponge trimmings that were left over ….
Mr Kipling Swiss roll…. perhaps Nigel has a talent that we should exploit encourage further … and consider entering him in the next years Great British Bake Off ….. Paul Hollywood had better look out me thinks!


Di said...

Billy Bunter strikes again! But the lightness of hand is very impressive I must admit.

Hank and Marvin say 'Hi' - and Marcel has been on a couple of cruises with Abi, he's becoming something of a seafarer.

Hugs, Di xx

Mr.D said...

Careful Nigel doesn't get too close to the action and gets rolled up into the cake.

Julia Dunnit said...

I'd like to see Nigel giving Paul some tips, that would be really fun! Forgotten how lovely Swiss roll is too...nom nom nom.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's deft hands are breathtaking and awesome to watch for all who love pastry and baked goodies.....looks like a natural apptitude that could be a career....he has the touch!....Nigel amazes us again....Dianne

marc said...

i want that job do you get to taste every thing the girls make or to eat the bits that get stuck or lick spoons ect a dream job big love marc