Saturday, 1 September 2012

Trying Our Best …. Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!

IvyWe have to admit that in the past we have been very much strangers to ploughing and scattering our seeds and the untold joy and pleasures of pruning back hard!
Gardeners ClubHowever, like our new found and honed mastery of the paint roller and Dulux Crown Emulsion, we now need to face up to the responsibility of our none too bijoux garden and what we think are …. it’s herbaceous borders …….
Perct ThrowerAt first,  we sort of looked and stared and poked around a bit and then stared some more, before deciding, after some robust debate, that our rule of thumb should be that if a plant stung, had prickles or thorns, or smelt funny it was a weed …… so we dug everything up matching that description …. and then after that, we pruned back anything we considered to be “overly leafy” …. vigorously!
Gardeners Question Time…… using whatever tool we felt most comfortable with.  We are not too sure if we’ve done it right, but we have tried.  We have also decided that we must listen to Gardeners Question Time every Sunday afternoon, with all due diligence, just in case any of the plants or problems discussed sound familiar to any what we’ve got!
Window BoxNigel is finding it all a bit overwhelming and says he prefers to talk to the plants rather than yank them up and potentially murder or mutilate them!We haven’t put too much pressure on him, as we think that in time he will “find” himself amongst all the flora and fauna ….
Tomato Plant…. and …. as it happened …. left to his own devices …. he discovered that we have three tiny tomatoes on a forgotten and thus hitherto neglected plant right at the bottom of the garden ….. he has already bonded with it  and so we have charged him this its care …..


Anonymous said...

Who knew?? Nigel the plant whisperer! You all have made an outstanding beginning and will soon have all the plants in first class order! In no time at all you will be impressing us with Latin plant names and serious horticultural advise. Very impressed with this new adventure chez nous....Dianne

Anonymous said...

I like a bit of Gardeners Question time myself boys. Not that I know what on earth they are talking about!
A plant is a plant is a plant unless it flowers then it is a flowering plant.
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

They say talking to the plants helps them grow. Maybe the breath gives them additional carbon dioxide which helps in photosynthesis.

marc said...

think you should get the trimer on darrels hair its growing by the day lol i have shaven mine of and gone back to the smart monkey look but i am thinking berd big show biz wave hairless hugh