Monday, 17 September 2012

Our Own Personalised Debit Card!

As you know Darrell likes to Fiddle Fart on the computer and is always looking for fun and different things to do with our pictures (that are also free).
Personalised Debit CardWell, yesterday he was sent a link to personalise your Barclays debit card,  needless to say Darrell was robustly enthused by the idea and disappeared for ages.  It went  very, very quiet, except for the occasional explosive tut of frustration and the sound of him foot kicking the metal drawers at the side of the desk, which he explained later was because no matter how carefully he tried to position on our picture on the debit card template the Barclays logos always seemed to obscure some part of either of our faces …. GetPublicDesignHowever, initial aggravations put aside, credit where credit is due, he has done a pretty good job …. Our new card is going to take a few days to arrive…. but we can’t wait to start using it out and about in the village …. and there will no longer be the need for us to carry around any other forms of ID …. as we’re on the card! We are so on trend!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I say - I like that idea a lot!!! I'll credit you for that information. Might have to look into that idea myself. Wonder if other banks do it? Hmmmmmmmm...
JantheFan x
p.s. are you keep up with XFactor this season?

Mr.D said...

Credit card where credit card is due?

Anonymous said...

Love the picture...lovely family portrait....very impressive in a financial transaction can carry this and soon will be known by one and all in the business world....Love...Dianne

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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