Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Temptation Lurking Beneath Our Beds….

We could not help but notice that our village Tesco Express has our favourite mahoooooosive celebratory tins of popular chocolates on special offer for £5 at the moment!  It would have seemed rude not to succumb to such an offer, especially pre-empting the festive season …. and the watching of our beloved Queen’s speech whilst enjoying our customary post pudding confectionary.  
Tesco Celebrations 5 offerNot only did we succumb once …..
002…. we succumbed twice ….. shamefully robustly bulk purchasing and stockpiling!
Celebrations Special Offer  Chocolate In BedBut ….  we are not sure keeping them under the bed for the next ten weeks is altogether the most sensible place for them …. if Nigel finds them ….
Eating Chocolate In bed…. the consequences could be be too awful to contemplate!


Anonymous said...

I certainly couldn't leave them untouched for 10 weeks under my bed, never mind Nigel!!!
JantheFan x

tilly said...

10 weeks is a BIG ask from anybody lol...hope the sellotape is still in-tacked lol

Mr.D said...

If they were under my bed, I would hear them calling out to me during the night, like sirens. I would not be able to resist.

marc said...

i will have to go out a buy a few tins and to keep them safe from the dogs i will hide them in my tunmmy i think i have a plan big big love marc

Anonymous said...

This is the temptation that keeps on going! How could one little monkey with a rumbly tummy resist?? But you are prepared for any treat emergency that comes along...Good luck to one and all trying to keep those packages unopened!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Marc - you have a big big plan but you would also have a big big tummy!