Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Dream That Never Seems To Come To An End...

Vinnie The Volunteer by Royal CommandVinnie text us in a state of robust flux yesterday, he said that he had just received an overwhelming e-mail inviting him to a reception at Clarence House in London to met Prince Charles and Camilla in recognition of his (and others) service to the Olympic Games…. oh mon dieu!!!
Aquatic Centre WaterHe was so overcome that he admitted to having to take a couple of swigs from the bottle of Aquatic Centre water that he had brought home with him as a souvenir to calm his nerves.
Games Maker to meet Prince Charles.He has to wear his uniform and write a little about himself for Charles and Camilla to gen up on, (so much to say so little time!).  He thinks there may be smorgasbord of royal canapes proffered, but he fears that he may not be able to indulge as he thinks he may lose the ability to swallow such is his tangible and palpable nervousness.  We have told him that he should take a small, discreet Tupperware box with him so he can take some for later, when he is more relaxed and maybe he could save one or two for us, as we have never been in the presence of real Royal comestibles, which is one of the things on our (joint) bucket list.
Games Maker to meet Prince CharlesWe are very much strangers to Royal protocol … and so wonder if His Royal Highness will pose with Vinnie in his own right (a la Ellie Simmonds)  …. and since he (His Royal Highness) has posed with the Spice Girls (two of whom we think were/are a bit common), we think it could be considered a Royal a snub if he refuses, so we have told Vinnie to push through to the front with all due diligence, curtsy deeply, and then tell the Prince that he met his sister (Anne) and her husband (Tim) on the first day of the Olympics (which almost makes him a friend of the family) and then ask, ever so politely if Auntie Jan could take their picture together.  It’s an occasion that never happen again and he’ll regret it if he doesn’t  …. and the Heir to the Throne is only human after all …..
Royal Summons for Games MakerVinnie has now taken to his bed in order to gather himself for when he travels down to London for his big day. We are not at liberty to say when all this is occurring,  just in case we breach strict codes of a royal security type nature and are then subsequently persecuted for treason ….. but needless to say WE ARE SO PROUD and shall all be wearing facinators on the day so we feel we are part of the occasion!!! Go Vinnie, Go Vinnie, Go Vinnie!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my - we are in the presence of greatness - and I'm now not referring to Prince Charles.
What an honour for Vinnie and Auntie Jan - just when we thought the Olympic feast had finished - there are aftershocks. But a brilliant shocks at that. Can't wait for the pics!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

This is almost too wonderful to bear....but certainly well deserved..The dream continues and how lucky are we to be able to share these memorable events!! Get lots of rest Vinnie for this Royal occasion; you don't want to miss a second of the festivities.....what a treat as Olympic excitement just keeps coming....Mahoooosive HOORAY for Vinnie and Auntie Jan!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Incredible. Well done Vinnie and Auntie Jan.
Vinnie should try to stick the tupperware down his shirt and have waterproof pockets for the soup. I'm not sure if or where he should try to hide the sausage.

Anj said...



Hello Vinnie and Auntie Jan
I'm also still in a state of shock!
Can't wait to meet Vinnie at Clarence House too
Hope we can celebrate a little afterwards.
Christine x Games Maker Heathrow