Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pest Problem At The Molineux?

Thomas Cook Holidays WolverhamptonI go past our beloved Molineux every morning on my way to work on the Codsall Clipper …. and my heart never fails to swell with pride.
But I have seen something now, for several mornings in a row,  that has worried me robustly …..
Natures Way Pest ControlFrom the my seat on the bus, the van on the right looked just any other small white van ….. but when I got the zoom on my camera out (discretely, so as not to arouse suspicion) something more ominous was revealed ….
Pest Control at WolvesAt first I was alarmed  ….. in my wild imaginings I thought that perhaps the Molineux had somehow become infested and awash with birds of prey like eagles, buzzards, kestrels and hawks, and that the Wolves management had brought the pest people in to prevent any unfortunate swopping activity on any of our key players like Elokobi or Craddock during a match.  Then I saw sense and relaxed …… and realised that the birds were there to eat any mice or voles that might stray onto the ground and scare the players ……. phew!


Anonymous said...

Good idea - we can't have the players running round the turf like a big girl's blouse (as my granny used to say) just because they've seen a mouse scurrying around on the pitch. Heaven forbid. JantheFan x
p.s. your eyes are obviously as sharp as a hawks to be able to spot that van and get your camera out.

Anonymous said...

One never knows what sort of pests will invade....good detective work Monkey!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

I did a stadium tour of your beloved Molineux years ago and they told us about it. They use hawks to fly around and scare off the pigeons and seagulls that would make a mess on the seats or the players' heads.

marc said...

i read some were or saw on a tv programe that there were hawks that would pick up monkeys and carry them of to their nests to feed live to their babies who could swallow a Nigel sized monkey in one go ,if you were related to the monkeys in that great real life documentry The wizard of oz you would be able to fly away if they came near you but as you are not you should take a baseball bat with you and knock them for six should they even look your way not one to cuase distress or get carried away in a drama big stay in doors till the skys are clear of all big birds showbiz wave love Hugh ....its ok boys you know what Hugh is like its all drama drama drama with him i am sure your hawks are the ones that only eat pigeons and mice your far to fat opps i mean big for them to lift big love marc

Di said...

Marc - you almost made me wet myself here :) Di xx