Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ho, No, No, No, No, Nigel!

Oh dear ….Alien on a Bike..Yesterday, Nigel came in from playing with his best friend Marcel in a complete state of flux….
Zombie Bike...….. saying that he had seen an alien on a bike on the way home … poor Nigel’s eyes were as big as flying saucers ….
Alien AbductionI felt it best that I should investigate, thinking that perhaps Nigel was  having hallucinations of an ET type nature, induced after partaking in too many E numbers at the aforementioned Marcels.
Living dead Zombie Bike Nigel’s tale wasn’t exactly right, but again, it wasn’t exactly wrong …….  it appears that the Bike Shop on the corner had just taken in a new delivery of bikes (pre-empting the usual August festive seasonal rush in the village no doubt )  ….. including the “Living Dead Zombie” model, with free blow up alien …..
Alien on a bikeI now fear the worst ….. and have a spooky Derek Accorah type feeling that Nigel’s mind has taken Christmas out of the equation but has catapulted himself straight to Halloween ….. imagining trick or treating on a certain two wheeled zombie mobile!!!! 


Mr.D said...

I hope the living dead zombie bike glows in the dark. It would look scary AND be a safety feature.

marc said...

i can see him now basket on the front full of sweets going to be hard to take his mind of this one big love marc

Anonymous said...

Nigel will have a plan for certain...but it could be worse....perfect trick or treat much more Nigel than a broom..Dianne