Saturday, 16 February 2013

Boys Will Be Boys ….. Unfortunately

When the house goes very quiet, followed by raucous laughter and loud bumps it’s time to worry ……
BubblewrapDarrell and Nigel had found some bubble wrap and that can only mean one thing ….. high jinx and an almost endless list of infringements of a Health and Safety nature!
Bubblewrap zorbing….. Suffice to say they used their over active and furtive imaginations to create their own version of zorbing …….
Bubblewrap zorbing.….. down the stairs was bad enough … but contained within the four walls of the house….
water zorbing bubblewrap….. but then I heard a very loud splash coming from the garden….
DIY zorbing …… Andy would have had a fit, if he had seen them!  Heavens to Betsy, what on earth do I do with them both???
Bubblewrap appreciationI have to admit to banging on the window robustly and telling them both to come inside, immediately and with post haste …. or else!!!
fun with bubblewrap….. which they duly did, but, instead of hanging their heads in shame, Darrell decided that it was his turn to be wrapped up ….
Bubblewrap popping….. claiming that the robust and energetic activity involved in his rolling around when in conjunction with the insulated nature of the bubble wrap helped increase his body heat and therefore the production of sweat …….sauna suit …… thus creating a most excellent and ingenious free mobile sauna suit, enabling him to detoxify and clear out his congested pores, which he is always telling me he is a martyr to! What is he like???? He could talk his way out of a paper bag!!!


Dianne said...

Who knew bubble wrap was so much fun?? Many of us just settle for popping the bubbles for our bubble wrap fun.....Darrell's plan to unclog his pores might be a tiny bit farfetched, but good luck Darrell!....Dianne

Dianne said...

PS Don't think anyone has ever worn bubble wrap and looked that adorable! Dianne

Anonymous said...

You can bubble wrap them both and send them to me! JantheFan x

marc said...

i use to make jackets in the 80s made out of it they looked fab but every one who came in the shop would play with them did not have the same look when poped and did not sell as well you boys need to stay away from water till the summer and you have a life gaurd young children should not try this i know you two have been trained i water stunts big love marc

Mr.D said...

Harmless fun?
It looks great.