Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It’s A Hard Job, But Someone Has To Do It!

As Technician to the Food Department I have to work quite hard, however, there is the occasional “perk” that makes up for the mahoooosive pile of tea towels and dish clothes that the young ladies get through each day, that are part of my derestriction…..
waiting for the coach…… namely, a fact finding mission to the local Pan Asian restaurant, of a buffet type nature, to look at different foods from around the world, trying dishes that perhaps we may never have tried before. I was put in charge of the transport arrangements, so it was a no brainer that I called up Mr Collis to afford us safe passage to our destination ….
Cosmo. Wolverhampton….. and it was also a perfect excuse to catch up on the adventures of our very old friend, Mr Collis’s monkey ….
Mr Colli's Monkey.…… who travels everywhere with Mr. C,  leading a very romantic life, not too dissimilar from Brendan on Coach Trip (our very favourite travelogue programme of choice).
CosmoMr Collis afforded us such aforementioned safe passage that we arrived at Cosmo five minutes before it opened …. it was if we were transported by the wind.
one green beanThe food was all very nomtastic, however, on this occasion I chose mainly from the Chinese menu,  firstly in homage to the Chinese New Year,  and secondly, because, to be honest, I prefer not to mix my continents in a comestible type way ….. for me, personally, a slice of pizza, a serving of sweet and sour chicken and rogan josh do not sit comfortably on my plate (on the other hand …. Darrell and Nigel would embrace such a combination)
Cosmo Pan AsianHowever I did try an array of new dishes and sought out a few green beans so that my rigorous five a day regime would not be frittersFor pudding, I could not resist an ample sufficiency of apple fritters and a custard filled profiterole, but held back from smothering them with cream, thinking about my waistline.
Mr Collis's MonkeyThe visit was a great success but over to soon and unfortunately there was work to go back to.  It was so lovely to catch up with Mr Collis’s monkey and I thanked him for our much mentioned safe passage, we both hoped it wouldn’t be too long before we would be able to meet up again and traverse the winding roads of Wolverhampton together once more.
As for the rest of my afternoon? ….. Lets just say I moved a little heavier and slower than is my norm!!!!!!


Dianne said...

Doesn't get any better than meeting an old friend and having a delicious meal....sounds like a perfect day!....Mr. Collis's monkey companion is looking happy and content as he travels highways and byways with Mr. Collis....hope you two good friends can manage many get togethers.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than meeting up with an old and dear friend. Me thinks there should more safe passages with Mr. Collis, his monkey and his bus - and a bit of buffet type nature food thrown in for good measure of course - but not food thrown in the bus you understand. Heaven to betsy that Darrell and Nigel should read this and get the wrong idea!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Heavier and slower than is your "nom"?

marc said...

its always fun when food and friends are together so glad you had time for both big love marc

Sarah S said...


Sarah S said...