Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake Day Disaster Zone!!

Is it really a year since we were last tossing the caber pancakes with robust gay abandon …..??
Dead Dodgy PancakesDarrell and Nigel had planned to surprise me with a wonderful Shrove Tuesday feast of a pancake type nature, however things went very, very awry ……
Dodgy PancakesNo matter how promising the pancake looked when the mixture first hit the pan, each and every one turned into an unholy disaster.
Pancake DayPancake disaster
I hear the “shonky” frying pan got most of the blame ….. and a new one was hastily added to our Tesco online order, all be it, a little late.
Pancake Day Disaster.But …….  it takes a lot to knock Darrell’s and Nigel’s inimitable spirits …
Pancake Tossing….. and the pancakes, after setting off ALL the fire alarms in Chateau Castle Greysquirrel, were duly plated up and smothered with lemon juice and squirty cream, although there was not a lot of nomming going on!
Pancake nom nom nomHowever it was a good time for both of to debate robustly what they were going to give up for Lent ….. before they finally decided on chocolate!
Tossing pancakes.…. And for me to tell them that if they had looked in the fridge they would find a huge pile of perfect pancakes that I had made at work during my lunch hour in the Food Department.  Nom, nom, nom!!!!  Happy Pancake Day.


Mr.D said...

None stuck to the ceiling at least?
I thought he was going to put a generous layer of Marmite on!
Golden syrup and lemon juice for me.

Dianne said...

Squirty cream saves the day and makes things nomtastic many times....never underestimate it's power.......Dianne

marc said...

we had lots Marc just loves making them he can sit alday and make them which he does he use to have a pancake party but this year he did not he was not to good so i sat down to help eat the ones he made But its hard to look at a 100 pancakes and not feel full big fat showbiz wave Hugh