Saturday, 23 February 2013

It’s The Half Term Holidays ….. And… Can It Really Be Two Years ……

Pension Roxana…… since I traversed the ski slopes of the Czech Republic with the young ladies, as the one "what stays behind" at the hotel in case of emergencies?  I can’t believe it …… it only seems like yesterday.
La Polsa and San Valentino BoundThis year, the aforementioned young ladies are off to the pistes of Italy to ski, and it’s the turn of the PE Department Monkeys Rooney (who asked to borrow my warm fleecy jacket) and Harvey to accompany them as “the ones what stay behind at the hotel.” this time ……..
Bound for Hotel La Betulla la Polsa ItalyI was a little jealous of their adventure as their excitement was of an extremely infectious type nature.
harvey monkeyHarvey told me that while they have been going about their daily duties in the PE Department,  such as laundering the PE bibs, pumping up their extensive collection of balls and oiling the rowing and cross training machines, they had made a point of only speaking to each other in Italian in preparation for their trip, as they didn’t want to be found wanting in the language department, if sent to the local chemist in search for gel blister plasters,  as happened to me on my trip!Rooney I have to admit that Harvey’s rendition of  “Avete cerotti per un blister grande pulsante per favore?” (do you have any plasters for a large pulsating blister please?) sounded very romantic and almost poetical in its construction.  As was Rooney’s faultless and almost bilingual. “Non è forse il giorno più bello per la presa alla pista oggi?” - (isn’t it the most wonderful day for taking to the piste today?” I wished them a mahoooosive safe passage and bon voyage, and told them to embrace the whole experience.
I, in turn, will be enjoying a very peaceful half term holiday …. Darrell is off on another one of his jaunts to London to see Hugh, our friend who lives La Vida Showbiz in Notting Hill and this time he is taking Nigel with him, so that Nigel too can learn how to “London Lounge” at first hand, amongst real Londoners ……….. heaven help them … the Londoners, ……………… not Darrell and Nigel!!


Dianne said...

It is very special for you to have golden memories of those happy days on the ski slopes! Lucky Rooney and Harvey going off on such a super holiday; they look so excited....Nigel and Darrell will probably be burning the candle at both ends with all sorts of adventures thanks to Hugh and Marc!......Dianne

marc said...

We cant wait to see the boys the pillows are plumped the chargers have been polished the fountains in the water garden have been checked and are all working( we know nigel will love to see them working ) and i have sent marc out to get nibbles and the best vintage vimto a coin can buy Big show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Have a wonderful time in London - and that includes mum.
I am sure Hugh and Marc will look after them very well indeed.