Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Morris Bells ……. Could Be About To Chime!!!!!

There is now a wonderful palpable and tangible air of robust excitement on Wednesday evenings at Chateau Castle Greysquirrel ……
handmade wedding invites….. because everyone is coming together to make all the tranklements for the forthcoming and much anticipated nuptials of Tom to the Lovely Laura …..
punched wedding invitationsTo accompany the sound of happy and robust punching, snipping and creasing, we also ramp up the volume of the stereo with such classics as the Wedding March and Abba’s I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, singing at the top of our voices and accompanied by our neighbours banging on the wall ….to share our overwhelming joy.
006…. And ….. we have finally met the Lovely Laura’s mum,  the Equally Lovely Denise ……….. can you believe it, we are betrothed in laws,  how exciting is that?  …. We’ve never been in laws before!
Rainbow weddingThe Lovely Laura’s Mum, the Equally Lovely Denise and soon to be espoused in law is a very keen Morris Dancer ….. and over our rampant punching she has been gently persuading us to consider joining the Ironmen or Severn Gilders …….
……. especially as she thinks that Nigel could be a very instinctive natural, natural!
BrasThe Equally Lovely Denise said she would investigate finding us some Morris Dancing apparel to perhaps help inspire our interest ….. it was also muted that if we were “suitably inspired” we could “perform” a tribute dance at the nuptials,  …… wouldn’t that be a wonderful surprise wedding present for Tom and the Lovely Laura???   ………  Bring on the shorts sticks, ribbons and bells!!!!


Dianne said...

Wow! the excitement is building with all that robust wedding decorations activity! It just keeps getting better and better....becoming in laws, the possibility of Morris dancing and Nigel expanding his talents in new directions.....all will be awaiting news as the wedding preparations gather momentum...Happy times ahead!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

What a great word - "tranklements!" It is new to me.
I recognise the place where they are dancing - on the iron bridge at err, Ironbridge. Great spot.
Perhaps Lovely Laura gets her loveliness from her Lovely mum.

marc said...

its all so lovely in so many ways weddings bells dancing sticks flowers and Abba who could want for more big love marc