Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Joys Of Professional Bakeware.

Isn’t it funny how over the years,  as our interests change and mature, the things that make us go all tingly with excitement, make our hearts skip a beat and make our tummy's flip over change too.  
Professional bakeware.If you had said this time last year that I would go all gooey over professional bakeware I would have said that you were totally off your trolley…..
Professional Bakeware….. however, what a difference a year does makes …. as I found myself getting very emotional over a mahooooosive delivery of the aforementioned professional bakeware which arrived for the Food Department last week.  It was my job to tick each item off on the order sheet,  remove all the protective plastic bags and stickers and then afford them all safe passage to the appropriate cupboards.
professional flan tinWho would have thought that professional deep flan case with removable bases would fill me with such rapture?
wedding cake tins…… And then,  when I came to these beauties……. my mind immediately went into a whirling frenzy of wedding cake scenarios for the impending and much anticipated nuptials of Tom The Scientist  and the Lovely Laura …… with notions of a traditional rich fruit cake, (but without the lemon peel, as it makes Darrell, Nigel and me all heave if we find any) for the bottom tier,   followed by a chocolate sponge with a marmite ganache for the centre tier, and a top tier of vanilla sponge, with an inspired Dairy Lea triangle buttercream, thus catering for all tastes.  I shall proffer my culinary matrimonial ideas to the blushing bride and her groom whence we next meet, I am sure they will bite my hand off at the offer!


Angie said...

I would have been over the moon to.xx

Dianne said...

Professional bakeware can be fascinating and romantic when wedding cakes are involved, but perhaps Marmite ganache needs the official approval of the bride and groom. You look so very professional,knowledgeable, and in your element regarding bakeware! Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

One thinks one has been watching too many Great British Bake Offs in the past year! - JantehFan x

marc said...

i to love bake weare but i feel your cake might be a bit to out their for the averg joes pallet so dot get to up set if they turn down your offer big love marc

Mr.D said...

"Who would have thought that professional deep flan case with removable bases would fill me with such rapture?" If the loads you are carrying are heavy, they may fill you with rupture, of a hernia type. said...

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