Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Cupids Arrow Of Valentine Mystery Lands On Castle Chateau Greysquirrel’s Doorstep ……..

Valentines Day PostNone of us expected anything of a romantic Valentine’s type nature this morning but, when Darrell went to get the post Chateau Castle Greysquirrel was filled with a tangible and robust air of excitement because …..
Valentines day Mystery…… the postman had left a rather large envelope addressed to all of us BUT in a hand that no one recognised.
Vaentines Day 2013Thorntons Chocolate Cupid lolly
…. Inside were three red envelopes addressed to each of us …. we let Nigel open his first …… the air of awe and wonder filling our senses ….
027On the front was a teddy with outstretched arms proclaiming “I love you this much” and a Thorntons chocolate cupid lollipop stuck down with blu tac on the front ….
Thorntons Chocolate Cupid Lolly.….. which Nigel wasted no time getting his teeth stuck into, saying that it would be most rude to let it get stale!
The Main ManDarrell opened his envelope next , which was addressed to “The Main Man”
You're My Cup of tea cardWhittard Chilli Chai
His card had a London theme to it, probably a veiled reference to his frequent trips to London to see Hugh our friend who lives La Vida showbiz in Notting Hill, it also contained a very sophisticated Whittard Chilli Chai teabag, with the word “Enjoy” underneath.
Mums MonkeyThen, it was my turn to open my envelope ….. addressed to “The Sensible One”!
The sensible one…… I could feel Darrell and Nigel’s full and undivided attention was upon me as I opened it …
I love you 365 days a year….. to reveal a message declaring that the sender loved me 365 days of the year ….. and inside a set of heart shaped post it notes …. heavens to Betsey!!!Valentine sticky notesI was totally overcome and could feel my composure waning .. in an emotional Hello Magazine interview type way.
mWhat WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL surprises and how very kind of our mysterious “admirer”
043Darrell put the cards on the shelf for everyone to admire …..
Thorntons chocolate cupid…. All we have to do now is to work out from whence they came …. We could send them to the betrothed Tom the Scientist for robust forensic analysis or, if he is too busy, Jeremy Kyle has been known to “do that all important DNA test” …. although we have no wish to “guest” on his show for a heated debate of any kind  …. besides none of us possess any grey jogging bottoms which seem to be a prerequisite apparel when appearing on his show, so that will probably rule us out of a DNA test anyway! But whoever you are mystery admirer ….. THANK YOU, you have made our day!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I wonder who they are from??? Happy Valentine's Day boys!
JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Awwww. sweets for the sweet!....wonderful the Fan of Mystery made this Valentine's Day extra special and exciting! Happy Valentine's Day to all from Dianne

marc said...

i got so many more boys i could not get to the door but your fans are loyal and its good they show it must go and tip the man who brings the post he must be worn out carrying so many to me big show biz wave Hugh ( that should be BIG SHOW OFF BIG FIBBER WAVE Hugh, dont take any notice boys he did not get any boys he is green with envy big love marc

Mr.D said...

Was it the "fan" who sent them?
I thought a certain "Ms. T" from the school may have got a mention today, especially with regards to Nigel.