Friday, 15 February 2013

Wowcher ……

Darrell is a bit of a “Wowcher” fiend at the moment after seeing all the ads on TV,  even getting up extra early in the morning, before work, to check out the latest offers he receives via e-mail.
Wowcher So far he hasn’t “purchased” anything but I fear that it won’t be long before he does …. judging from the rapt, and robust musings coming from his general direction,   as he perused the current deals ………
TV Presenters Course….. Like this one for a one day TV presenters course,  with Darrell already picturing himself as the Daybreak Showbiz Correspondent in Hollywood bringing live probing and insightful reports to Lorraine and Aled from the Red Carpet of the latest La La Land event!
Reporting from Hollywood
Or this one …..
Facinator….. especially when planning our outfits  for the impending and much anticipated nuptials of Tom to The Lovely Laura,  where fascinators will undoubtedly be de rigueur ….
danceAnd then, on the same thread of a matrimonial type nature …… there is the evening of unbridled dance planned for after the wedding feast, how splendid would it look if we were able to take to the dance floor and Salsa a la Louis Spence …. and adding a little contrast to the already proposed Morris Dancing exhibition!!!!!!
Fire EatingHowever, we are keeping this fire eating package well away from Nigel’s already furtive imagination  …. his ever willingness to embrace anything new could, in this case, potentially put us in a Health and Safety situation ….
Robust health.…… and we don’t want  to go from Wowcher to Oucher!!!


Anonymous said...

I've done a Birds of Prey Photography Day with a similar type of company - but Nigel would have to be careful there too - the birds might pick him up in their sharp beaks and fly away. I dread to think what they would do to him. Don't want to think about it!
JantheFan x

Dianne said...

This is indeed a slippery slope just waiting for a victim to come sliding down! Extra care is called for so your eyes don't glaze over while you are entranced with these amazing and spectacular offers.....take care...Dianne

marc said...

i think they all sound great and one should try most things in life he will be rich with talents even if it is just the cream of that talent it looks good on ones CV like horse ridding and sword fighting and my wire flying that got me the part in the peter pan pantoi say go for them all i would big Show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Careful Nigel doesn't get wind of the fire eating/breathing. He may decide on a diy version.
Has Darrell decided to change his surname for showbiz reasons?
Is that Aled "Walking in the air" Jones?