Thursday, 28 February 2013

On Trend, De Rigueur London Snacking.

It seems that Darrell and Nigel,  under the very expert tutorage of Hugh,  have got London Lounging down to a fine art.
London Snacking c…. And on seeing their overwhelming desire to embrace everything of a London type nature Hugh decided that the next step was to introduce them to the London style of  snacking.  Normally when we are watching our programmes of choice in the evening we just tend to pass the Monster Munch,  Twiglets  or Snack A Jacks back and forth between ourselves …….. until the bag is empty and then Darrell blows it up and pops it!! He can be so common at times!London SnackingThis revelation clearly shocked poor Hugh …. “Oh non, non, non, non, non” he tutted “In London, darrrrlings, c’est tres au fait et absolute de rigueur to proffer evening nibblie-poos in illuminated and flashing snacklette bowls ….. darrrrling ….. no one is considered anyone in the circles of showbiz if they don’t have them!”
177It was a moment of great awe and wonder …. Darrell’s eyes glazed over, his mind racing …. picturing us all watching our televisual highlight of the year - the Eurovision Song Contest,  snacks akimbo in the aforementioned illuminated and flashing snacklette bowls …..
181And then ….  Nigel lowered the tone by having  both an Ulrika moment and an epiphany at the same time…..
Frolicking London StyleA cuddly toy …… and an aforementioned, aforementioned upturned illuminated and flashing snacklette bowl and he had an impromptu  bucking bronco!!!!!!!  Poor, poor Hugh …. and as for Nigel, , you can try to put London into the boy,  but you just can’t take the Wolverhampton out of him!!


Dianne said...

London snacking certainly is more interesting, exciting, and fun than just snacking from a bag! Must be endless creative and imaginative London style bowls that raise the snacking experience to the latest trend many serving ideas do spring forth....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Green peas as a snack - it must count for one of your five a day too.