Friday, 1 February 2013

A New Piece Of Kit Of A Domestic Type Nature.

Beko WasherOur faithful old washing machine has finally bitten the dust ….. after many years of very robust and at times challenging service, it was a sad and poignant Hello Magazine type moment  when I finally realised that it couldn’t be patched up yet again and that I would have to go online to find a replacement …… and Tesco came up trumps! 
Beko washer.Who’d have thought it, one minute they are delivering our weekly comestible order, with the odd substitution …. and the next they are assisting with our requirements of a laundry nature!
new washerNeedless to say, the novelty  of this new acquisition has kept Nigel occupied for many a long hour ….
Beeko washer….. especially as most it’s current contents have needed washing after his and Darrell’s escapades in the snow …..
Beeko washing machineHis games of choice has been spot the pants ……
WMB 61431 Wand Countdown …….. where he closes his eyes and tries to guess how many minutes are left on the wash!  Fortuitously, as the machine is very new, there is little, if any vibration, so Nigel’s attempts of sitting on it with a full stomach in an effort to feel his dinner go up and down when it is in rampant spin mode have been, thank goodness unsuccessful!!  Sometimes I despair!


Anonymous said...

New appliance fascination is certain to keep an inquiring Nigel busy for days! New possibilities for washing machine fun will keep Nigel busy for a while....Dianne

Anonymous said...

I want one that tells the time left too. Going off to sulk until I get one. I'll just have to have nice words with that lovely Mr. Tesco - can I get one with my points?
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Very posh, with lots of settings. Does it have a setting for small monkeys? If not, keep Nigel well away.