Monday, 18 February 2013

Mysterious Circles Of A Crop Type Nature In Our Village?????

Yesterday, Nigel and I found an enigma of a mysterious and spooky type nature when we went to fetch the Sunday papers …..
Crop Circle mysteries….. not so much a crop cycle, more of a paint circle, but for Nigel still a discovery to awaken and stimulate his zest for all things “awe and wonder”.
mysterious crop circlesAfter a little pondering, he decided that he should lie in the middle the circle and let his mind go to a peaceful place,  just in case it might “evoke” the spirits of good fortune and generous plentitude and abundance to “come unto him” ………………..
Magic crop circleWhat is he like and where does he get his ideas from ….. I blame Darrell myself and the internet!
mysteries of the crop circleBut,  just in case Nigel did “evoke” something of a fortuitous type nature  I did make a spur of the moment scratch card purchase ……  needless to say am now a pound poorer as a consequence!


Anonymous said... wasn't a landing mark from an alien spacecraft was it? Watch out Nigel - don't lie in that circle too often it might be a case of Beam Me Up Scottie!!!
JantheFan x
p.s. do you think David Cameron needs to be informed?

marc said...

it could be just a paint circle or may be not who can tell may be the council might know they might be diging up that part big air of mystery love marc

Dianne said...

Crop circle or paint circle....Nigel meditating is bound to bring forth the spirits of good fortune , generosity, and plentitude! You all are so very special and dearly loved by family and devoted fans, I think you already have been blessed by those spirits!...Careful Nigel....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Just like the Nazca lines in Peru?
Done by aliens?
Maybe aliens from strange places like Dudley or Gornall.

Mr.D said...

Did my comment from yesterday go missing?
They called UFOs ONVIs here.