Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Most Pleasant And Appreciated Touch ……. And Suds Akimbo!

Yesterday morning while Hugh was upstairs having a very long and relaxing Jacuzzi bath Darrell was in the kitchen, having decided to make a very special and aptly suitable comestible to go with Hugh’s morning coffee …….
DSC00094…….. and Hugh was suitably touched when he came downstairs all soft skinned and pampered and smelling absolutely wonderful in a famous person type way  ……
“Oh Darrell, zis is soooooooo soooooooo sweet of you, I love zee cake but zee cake does not like zee waistband, no?  …… but, since I am on zee holidays ……. pahhhhh, I shall eat all zee cake I like!”
And what aforementioned apt cake had Darrell made for Hugh?
Well, it had to be Millionaires Shortbread didn’t it???!!!!  “Oh Darrell zis is like nectar from zee heaven!” sighed Hugh, “Never, ever, has anything so exquisite touched my lips before …..  and created by your own fair hands especially for me ……. I am very, very touched and would very much like to take zee recipe home for my man Stephane zat does for me  if you wouldn’t mind! It is just toooooo delicious” Let’s just say it was an emotional moment that involved much air kissing, followed by much nomming!
However, while all this was going on I went upstairs to check that all was well in the bathroom ….
I was greeted by quite a sight, which was certainly not as emotional as the scene downstairs!!!! It seems that Darrell had omitted to tell Hugh to be extremely sparing with his exclusive and potent toiletry products ……
…… and as such Hugh had managed to fill and then leave the said bathroom under a mountain of luxurious and pungent suds …… I chose to say nothing this time but may have to have a few quiet words before Hugh he takes another bath!!!


Mr.D said...

A brief note on Greek mythology. I'm sure Hugh knows this already.
Nectar was the drink of the gods and ambrosia was their food. (Not the rice pudding or tinned custard, mind you.
Here endeth today's lesson.

Anonymous said...

that was quite a luxurious bubble bath......all one's cares and woes would be soaked away!......lovely surprise for Hugh and a holiday time indulgence without guilt.....I personally never have guilt with any connection to the delicious kind!.......Dianne

marc said...

o Mr D the lesson is always good from you but it was like nectar as i drank in every ingredient like a fine wine and every one should have the recipe it really was the best one has ever tasted yes it was ambrosia in fact one would even say manna from heaven big elasticated waistband love Hugh

Mr.D said...

Marc and Hugh - it does sound very tasty. It is making my mouth water.