Friday, 22 August 2014

Hugh And Darrell’s Adventure To Shrewsbury

Though Wolverhampton and our village have many, many pleasures Darrell decided that Hugh might also enjoy the pleasures of going a little further afield and had decided to take Hugh on a short stay to Shrewsbury.For Hugh just being responsible for his own train ticket and overnight case was totally new experience, although Darrell did have to explain tactfully that you don’t actually have to hail the train when you see it coming!
“Oh Darrell zis is sooooooo exciting, it is like a wonderful, great adventure no? And Shrewsbury, it sounds soooooo romantic!”
However, as Darrell and Hugh waited for their train and chatted ten to the dozen they both had a funny, Derek Acorah sort of feeling that they weren’t  alone and that someone was watching them
……but just couldn’t quite put their finger on it!


Mr.D said...

They will get a big surprise when they open their shopping trolley, or whatever it is called.

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't any knowledge of Shrewsbury's pleasures, a day out is always a good idea........Hugh is gaining more and more insight into the everyday life of us ordinary folkbout all this ......he has certainly been charming and a good sport when dealing with the simple life!.....Dianne

marc said...

MR D one thinks its called a personal shoppers transportation device or such like what ever it is it is also a lethal weapon of mass destruction and mayhem in the hands of little old ladies one has had ones legs knocked from under him by such item they should come with instructions and people of a certain age should take a safety test when using them in public spaces big bruised ankles love Hugh

Mr.D said...

You are correct again. There should be a driving test for them.