Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hands That Do Dishes …..

Hugh is really beginning to chill and become, for him, a little “ordinary”, having not flounced for at least two days and has turned his phone off saying “Zat Simone Cowellllll can do without moi pour un few days ….., it will no hurt him no???”
And, in his new found “ordinariness” Hugh has started to relish helping out with the household chores.
His particular favourite is the washing up (without rubber gloves) ”Oh mes petits fromages de Rougefort, I feel soooooooo relaxed, my showbiz life dans Notting Hill is a million miles away no????!”
“Madonnananana, she would not believe her eyes if she could see moi now, up to my elbows in zeese romantic, bubbly bubbles and hot water,cleaning zeese pots and pans,  I think she would faint no????” 
What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Has Hufg starred in 'Allo 'Allo? If not, he could easily get a part if they decide to make it again.
Then Hugh may have been talking about the falled Madonnananana with the big boobies.

Anonymous said...

My goodness....Hugh is embracing the Castle Greysquirrel experience to the max....Hugh's enthusiasm for the domestic is amazing.....Hugh said it best: if only they could see him now!

marc said...

ola la mr D you are so funny one always makes one smile big air kiss and a common handshake with gloves Hugh

Mr.D said...

Thank you Marc - I hope you had a great time with Mrs. G too.