Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Living The Normal, Every Day Life In Wolverhampton ……. Almost!

At his robust and insistent request Hugh is gradually adjusting to living the normal every day life of a Wolverhampton person, without any glitz and glamour, as opposed to the sequin encrusted showbiz life he enjoys in Notting Hill,  but he has had a couple of lapses and seems to have forgotten that he has left his “man what does”, Stephane behind dans Londres.
Breakfast in bed 1And though I don’t mind taking him his breakfast in bed, because in some ways it’s easier than having him dip his finger in everything while I am trying to prepare it,  I draw the line at making his bed!
So yesterday I had a little word ….. “Oh I am soooooooooo, soooooooo, sooooooo sorry, what am I like? I forget my ‘ead and my manners no???!” he cried “I promise, from zis henceforth moment I will not forget!”
I cannot deny that he did not forget, however, I strongly suspect that he did not forget to ask Nigel to lend him a hand!  Nigel seems to have developed a huge man crush on Hugh and follows him round like a little lost puppy, hanging on to his every word and gazing lovingly up at him whenever he is talking……….
……… and Hugh is taking full advantage of Nigel’s star crossed state ……. what is he like?


Mr.D said...

Like Romeo and Juliet?
This means their relationship is doomed to failure.
Oh no.

Anonymous said...

Everyday, normal, or ordinary? Hugh seems to be a bright shining star no matter when or where and much adored by all......not surprising Nigel is star-struck and follows him around!.....Dianne

marc said...

o one loves that little ordinary person he is so helpful and when i heard he was saving up to get him self some london items i just had to help and one does not want to insult the common man by just giving him money in case he mistock it for charity so one is giving him little jobs to earn it like making my bed or just being at my call should i need a grape peeled or my shoe lace tied big help for the common people love Hugh