Sunday, 3 August 2014

Nigel, Everyone’s Favourite BBQ Guest!

Well, it seems that the barbeque season is now in full swing and Nigel is proving to be a very much in demand guest on the local Wolverhampton barbeque circuit mainly, I believe, for his reputation of having a deep appreciation for the  odd burnt, charcoaled over cooked incinerated   outdoorsy type comestible.
The other day he accepted an invitation from his friend Sarah for such a said repast …… “Nigel” she said “I soooooooo love cooking for you, I really don’t have much time for people who just pick at their food and ask “will I like it?” before they will even try  anything  … but you Nigel, ….. you know how to fill a plate and chow on down!”
No pressure then Nigel ……. !!!!
But Nigel isn’t as daft as he is cabbage looking, and knows what a good spread Sarah always puts on …… and so filling his plate ……
…… several times over is never a chore …… …… and Sarah’s pride as a hostess holds no bounds as Nigel leads her other guests into a chorus of robust and at times humungous nomming! When Nigel noms full pelt others will follow suit, well,  it would be rude not to!
But as a perfect guest, Nigel though often tempted to a little more is always mindful to leave a space for Mr Manners (and pudding), and let the first course go down ……
………. which is when he can regale the table with kitchen tales like the time when the bread failed to rise and it was pizza’s akimbo ….. or when the kitchen ran out of garden peas due to unprecedented demand!
And then onto pudding, which, at Sarah’s, generally lean towards the fruity and occasionally alchofrolic type nature, and when Nigel’s portion control has to  be strictly monitored as too much rum on his pineapple ring has been known to bring out his latent pirate tendencies!!!
Once the meal is over Nigel always offers to do the washing up but secretly hopes that his offer will be turned down …. as he would prefer to remain a stranger to the rubber glove and sqweggie …… but always thanks the host profusely for asking him …. hoping that his appreciative burps won’t misconstrued as bad manners ……. what is he like? Bon Appitito Nigel!


Anonymous said...

Nigel can come over to my bbq anytime and allow his pirate tendencies to take over as much as he likes! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so delicious and a barbeque of the most nomtastic sort...lucky Nigel! of summertime's best dieting allowed when one is offered such barbeque deliciousness!! ...Dianne

Mr.D said...

It looks great.
I do like a good barbecue.
Well done Sarah and Nigel.