Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hugh And Darrell Do Sainsbury’s

Ever since Hugh said he was coming to stay with us he has always stressed that he wanted to do simple ordinary things, things normal people do because he was afraid that one day he would be doing do an interview and the interviewer would take him completely by surprise by throwing in a question like how much a loaf of bread or packet of cornflakes was to see how grounded he was ……. “Zees are zee questions I just don’t know!” he confided worriedly to Darrell.
So after a great deal of robust thought Darrell decided to take Hugh to the large Sainsbury’s not far from Castle Greysquirrell, which he thought was middle of the road type choice, as it was a bit more special than our village Tesco Express, but not quite as posh at Waitrose or M & S where we only shop at Christmas for special luxuries,  but he prayed that it wouldn’t be too much of a culture shock for Hugh and his Harrods's/Fortnum and Mason ways!
But Hugh took it all in his stride and was VERY impressed, saying that he might even occasionally send his man that does to the Notting Hill branch to make some considered own brand purchases ……………. he did remarked thoughtfully that perhaps the atmosphere and view were not as romantic as Notting Hill …..
……. but just being ordinary was having a very calming and soothing effect on his chakra!!!!!
Darrell then suggested that they should perhaps have a bite to eat in the restaurant, which Hugh was also very receptive to, Hugh chose, to Darrell, a very exotic sounding a brie and bacon Panini, and decided to follow suit, hoping that he would also like it ……
The lady behind the counter called the “duck” and gave them a very complicated looking gizmo which she told them to watch carefully …… when it vibrated and a red light went round and round she said that would be when their Panini of choice would be ready and they should come to the counter to collect them.
“Oooooooooo Darrell …… zis is sooooooooo terribly exciting, I can’t wait to tell Simon Cowell and Madonna all about zee romance of it all, zey will never believe me, perhaps it might start zee new trend!”
Their Panini's were duly collected, and the lady who had served them and called them “duck” looked at Hugh quizzically and then said shyly “It is ….. isn’t it?” Hugh was very,very gracious and just nodded,smiled and said “Mais oui, c’est moi!” and then signed the napkin she proffered him, asking her name and the writing “To Brenda, thank you for my Panini, love Hugh xxxx”
Darrell was rendered temporarily a star struck and found it a little hard to eat, but Hugh tucked into his Panini with gusto declaring it “A triumph” …… and almost as good, if not better than one of Gordon Ramsey’s who cooked regularly for him!!!


Mr.D said...

I would love an F&M (yes, with an F.) hamper for Xmas.
Doubtless Hugh gets the all the time, for picnics and when his chef is away. The St James Hamper costs a thousand pounds.

Anonymous said...

Heard about those Fortnum & Mason's hampers Mr. D would like; Hugh's shirt......what a moment to remember for Darrell; he and Hugh sharing an ordinary lunch AND seeing Hugh graciously sign an autograph.... a good life day for sure! ..Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS Wonderful, wonderful pictures! Dianne

marc said...

Mr d one knows those hampers well but i feel it could be a sainsburys one this year for all my little people who do one can save a third world countries debt in just hampers o i feel so normal big thumbs up wave hugh

Mr.D said...

Hugh, you are a real star, cutting back on the hampers (but not the champers?)