Monday, 11 August 2014

Nigel’s “Genius” Entertainment Idea For Entertaining Hugh

We’ve all been wracking our brains thinking of ways to entertain Hugh during his forthcoming State Visit stay with us, his showbiz life in Notting Hill seems so much more exciting than our humble life on the fringes of Wolverhampton …… where on earth do we start to amuse an international superstar, raconteur and bon viveur?
Enter Nigel ….. and his natural groundedness …… “If Hugh says he wants to mingle unnoticed amongst the general public, unnoticed amongst the general public he will be! I’ve seen a poster in Rainbows Too and I intend  that he and I will partake in the 4th Codsall Guides Village Bear Hunt in aid of Acorns Hospice! Hooooraaaaah!”
And bless him, he had already gone into the aforesaid Rainbow’s Two, the only gift shop in the village, and had paid £1 for his and Hugh’s entry fee and programme.
It will be no mean task ….. there are 60 teddies to find in the local shops of our village and the village next door ……
……. but he says he has already spotted a couple ……. I am not sure that this is the sort of grounded ordinariness Hugh had in mind ….. I can’t see Simon Cowell doing this sort of thing when he tries to be ordinary ….. but there again Nigel is a determined sort of  fellow who would never take “I am too posh to Bear Hunt!” as an outright refusal!!!!!!
Entry Forms available from Knit and Stitch – Codsall Square, Acorns Shop – Birches Bridge and Rainbows – Bilbrook.


Mr.D said...

Sixty bears. That could take some time.
I hope Nigel didn't get confused and thought it is a bare hunt.

Anonymous said...

Stellar idea!.....teddy bears are always de rigueur and supporting a worthy cause is super....Hugh as a visiting celebrity will most likely want to participate and do his part to support the cause.....looks like great fun!.....Dianne