Sunday, 24 August 2014

Food Presentation Soon To Be Embraced By Castle Greysquirrel I Fear…….

I might have guessed that the sampling of regional gastromic delicacies would feature VERY highly during Darrell and Hugh’s visit to Shrewsbury ………
…… and as Hugh is a strict vegetarian, preferring not to eat anything with a face, their sharing the odd platter or two has been quite an enlightening experience for Darrell, becoming tres au fait avec beaucoup de fromage,  which although he has embraced, he has also confessed to pining for the pleasures bacon just a tad!
One of their most memorable meals, for Darrell, was an afternoon snack at St Nicholas’s Retreat Cafe where some of the the food was served in flower pots which Darrell declared to be “Soooooo romantic and sooooo sophisticated”"!” Not to mention them both awarding a Richter Scale score of 15 noms out of 10 for the chips, sweet potato fries and onion rings that were served within them! Naturally, Hugh had seen it all before on his travels …… but was very generous in sharing in Darrell’s unbridled delight.
I fear that a trip to the local garden centre may now become a priority upon Darrell’s return and that meal times may never been the same again at Castle Greysquirrel, however I am robustly ruling out, here and now, soup before the suggestion is even enters Darrell’s head!


Mr.D said...

I like Shrewsbury a lot. I must be even better being there with a star like Hugh.

Di said...

Oh dear, got me almost crying with laughter this past few days. Do you know you're being surreptitiously stalked :)

Tee, hee.

If you want a good laugh - peek at my blog post of Saturday 23rd and click on the link. The paperless world is nigh!

Hugs, Di, Hank and Marvin

Anonymous said...

There isn't only chips, sweet potato fries and onion rings in them there flower pots!!! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

those chips and onion rings do look good.......too bad the romantic flower pot serving dishes do have limits .....Hugh makes everything seem better and more exciting!.....another wonderful day of memories for devoted friends......Dianne