Saturday, 9 August 2014

New Life In Our Road …. We Quite Fancy Some Baby Chicks!

A new sign has gone up opposite Castle Greysquirrel, announcing that road surface dressing work is imminent, which bodes well for much neighbourly excitement.
Darrell went over to take a closer looked and returned saying that he hoped that the said “dressing” would be tres de rigueur and a la mode, and not the sort of thing that would be out of fashion before the end of this year.  What is he like?
DSC00253However,  the sign put us in mind of a leaflet that had been pushed through the door the other day and had hitherto been left to gather dust in the utility, so we decided that we really should peruse it a little more closely to find out exactly what we should expect in the next few days.
Nigel, naturally got the wrong end of the stick and thought that it was congratulating us on the arrival of our new baby Iris or that there was going to be an influx of baby things in the street like chicks, lambs or bunnies ……. …… until Darrell and I pointed out that it actually meant there was going to be an aforementioned influx of all manner of heavy vehicles, digging up, spreading and rollering up the road…. which made Nigel immediatley wonder where he last put his hard hat and high viz vest, as he might be able to proffer some “professional” assistance to any workman looking for advice!
Then there followed a little debate, though none heated, about what other language(s) we would like a copy of the leaflet in …… and what the reaction would be if we contacted 0300 111 8000 and asked to be sent a copy in Mandarin  and Uzbek!
And finally we noticed “a competition” …… if we completed a short questionnaire about how we felt the work had gone, our reply would be entered into a draw …..  for a meal for two …….
……… well, it would be rude not fill it in wouldn’t it?  And if we won, we would just have to draw names out of a hat to see which two of us would go!
There was also some small print that we almost missed ……
…….. but it wasn’t any great problem ……  how romantic would it be for us to appear in council publications enjoying a wonderful meal?  This is all so exciting ….. bring on the rollers!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my - keeping it all crossed for you publicity seekers?! Who needs BGT or XYZ Factor when The Boyz are in town? JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Traditional Staffordshire food at a "Taste of Staffordshire" restauraant? That will be oatcakes, Bakewell Tarts, (or is it tarts from Bakewell?) Keele Biscuits and Stafforshire Lobby.

Anonymous said...

So many possibilities for that Big Equipment to dazzle Nigel and put him in a road construction trance......hope that work crew knows Notting HIll road construction standards ensuring Darrell's approval!....Dianne