Friday, 15 August 2014

Red Carpet Unrolled …..Helipad On Standby …… Champagne On Ice

Hugh’s visit is now imminent and if it wasn’t I think that Darrell would undoubtedly have internally combusted by now …..
……. the air of excitement that is currently pervading Castle Greysquirrel  is very, very pungent (scented candles and reed diffusers abound),  as well as being tangible and palpable …….
There will be a welcoming committee, well Darrell and Nigel,  at the railway station tomorrow morning, but Hugh has begged no red carpet, no presenting of extravagant bouquets and definitely no repainting of any toilets!
Darrell is determined that this visit will be faultless and so the planning of it has been meticulous.
Darrell so wants to repay Hugh for all the London hospitality he has been afforded over the past few years and wants to show Hugh that all his expert tutorage in the fine arts and de rigueur has been much appreciated  …… and as such Darrell has put together a very full and robust itinerary of visits and events for the occasion ……


Anonymous said...

The excitement has reached the mega gigantic super is all like a lovely dream and doesn't seem real that dear Hugh will be breaking bread and resting on 800 thread count sheets at Castle Greysquirrel......a most unforgettable occasion!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Looks like a great trip and a well planned itinerary.
I doubt Codsall Spice will serve french food. Shrewsbury is great and don't forget to see the clock chime in Telford shopping centre.
I wonder if any paparazzi will read this and follow you round.