Monday, 25 August 2014

Darrell And Hugh Go Cruising ……..

Shrewsbury, as Hugh and Darrell have found has many pleasures to offer the intrepid but incognito tourist, however due to showbiz pressures (i.e the impending return of X Factor), Hugh and Darrell only had a very limited time to embrace some of the aforementioned pleasures ……..
…….. so they decided, whilst enjoying Hugh’s now No.1 cocktail of choice, that the best course of action was to simply sit down with the tourist map they picked up, and simply plunge a cocktail stick into it and “whence the stick shall skewer” should be their fate!
And whence it landed was indeed a most agreeable proposition, namely a cruise down the River Severn on The Sabrina.  “Oh Darrell” exclaimed Hugh “…. zis is such a romantic zing to do in zee touristy type way …… I wonder if zey do zee cabaret, no?”
Unfortunately or fortunately, which ever way you want to look at it, there was no cabaret, The Sabrina would most certainly have rocked alarmingly if a myriad of dancing girls, festooned in feather boas and sequins had launched themselves from below decks to perform energetic, high kicking dance routines ………….
…….. however, The Sabrina did proffer a most comprehensive drinks menu (including zee cocktails) …..
……. as well as beautiful views from the river and a very interesting and informative commentary on the history of Shrewsbury …..
“Oh Darrell, we have made zee most excellent choice, I don’t think I have enjoyed myself so much in zee ages, well…….  except for ……. perhaps …..” he paused, “ …… except for Elton’s (John) After Oscar Party, but, but, but zis trip up and down zee river has come a verrrrrrrry near close, no?”
"What is he like, no????????


Anonymous said...

to be intrepid and incognito at the same time is not an easy feat but Hugh must be an expert! .....another brilliant plan to complete your Shrewsbury grand day out.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I never knew there was such a boat in Shrewsbury. You live and learn.
In the words of Lou Reed - Perfect Day.