Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Two For Tea …. And Three For Tea???

Hugh and Darrell’s little sojourn to Shrewsbury was drawing nigh so as a swansong they decided to go out with a bang and partake in a proper afternoon tea,  complete with posh tiered cake stand ………
And after they had ordered, they were  offered complimentary artistic materials to amuse themselves “Oh Darrell, zay don’t even do zis in Claridges! Wait untill I tell Simone Cowelllllllle about zis!” said a suitably impressed Hugh “It is such a quaint thing to do, no?” …….
…….and then immediately began to colour ….. being very mindful not to go over the lines, even though the said artistic materials proffered were a little on the stumpy side…..
…… while Darrell preferred to doodle dreamily.
When their tea finally arrived it was all very romantically set out  …..
“Oh Darrell, zis is too wonderful” sighed Hugh “Zere should be zee fanfare! I shall never, ever forget zis special time what we have had in Shrewsbury, ever, ever, ever!”, while Darrell just wondered at the size of the scones!
….. and thought how sophisticated it was to have grapes, brie and jam (??), all together, in his sandwiches…….. 
…….. pondering if it was de rigueur or not to leave the crusts or not ……
…… before deciding he best a leave morsel or two to ensure a little space for his enormous scone.
“Darrell, if you do not mind, ” announced Hugh ”I sink it should be zee jam and zen zee cream on our scones…….”
“Zere is much debate on zeese matters, sometimes heated, as what should come first, zee jam or zee cream ….. but dans my showbiz circle, zee scone always has zee cream on top of zee jam!”  To be honest Darrell really didn’t care, he just wanted to nom, nom, nom and chow on down!
While a certain someone was surreptitiously waiting in the wings to finish any crusts or crumbs that might be left ……………


Mr.D said...

Pronounced "s-con" or almost "s-gone" and not "s-cone."

Anonymous said...

Shrewsbury has afforded Hugh new experiences he won't forget!.....cream on top of jam for me, too....what a.perfect finale to this special time......