Monday, 4 August 2014

Darrell Keeps Us In Animated Suspension ….

Now, you may remember quite a while ago that I told you Darrell was sorting out our summer holiday this year and that he told me I could trust him implicitly as he knew what he was doing  …… well,  he says it’s now all sorted …. and that he’s just waiting for the paperwork to come through …..
Grease is the word 1
….. but to keep keep Nigel and I in animated suspension and keep the tangible and palpable anticipation of not knowing where we are bound  he was going to tease us with a clue over the next few days until we guessed …… or gave up!
Grease is the word 2
So,  todays aforementioned clue was a picture of a rather disgusting frying pan!  And at this juncture of time Nigel and I just don’t have a clue ….. so we will have to wait until tomorrow …. to see if it gets any clearer!


Mr.D said...

I know!
But I will keep the other readers and fans in suspense too.
Will the next clue be a pie?

joanold said...


Anonymous said...

Great clue!......a Greecey pan like that just screams gorgeous holiday times......ahhhh.....lazy good time days ahead!....Dianne