Friday, 29 August 2014

And They Call It Puppy Love!

It would appear that Nigel had not been with his best friend Marcel while Hugh and Darrell were in Shrewsbury as I had been lead to believe, but had in fact been following Hugh and Darrell round like a lost puppy round said town.  Hugh and Darrell had both aware of the situation, but had chosen to let Nigel continue “his little adventure” so long as he was safe, was eating and that they knew where he was.
We did have a “few words” on his return, but it became very apparent that Nigel thinks that Hugh is the most wonderful person he has ever met in the whole wide world, and so hangs on his every word and action like a little lost puppy.
Both Darrell and I were most embarrassed by all this, but Hugh was very, very generous “Oh la la, it is how you say?”“ Very understandable.” said Hugh  “I ‘ave zee charisma no? I am used to it, me and Simone Cowellle are always joking about it no? Our charisma!!!!” he laughed “But Nigelle is very special too, no? And I would very much like to hang round with him too before I ‘ave to return to zee Londres and zee commitments”
“We must do somesing very special together, Nigelle no? Just tu et moi”
And then …… Darrell remembered the Bear Hunt he had entered, but hadn’t had chance to do anything about yet  …… “Oh zis, zis, zis is zee perfect idea!” declared Hugh
“Nigelle and I can go hunting zee bears together  ….. just zee two of us!” ………………. Let’s just say it then got a little emotional and leave it at that!


Mr.D said...

I hope Nigel realises it is a bear hunt and not a bare hunt - it all could be rather embarrassing - or not.

Anonymous said...

the bear Hunt will be the best adventure ever for Nigel and Hugh!... who else but Hugh has that much sparkle and pizazz to make this hunt the highlight of Nigel's young life?...Hugh's kindness makes him the perfect hero for dear Nigel.....happy hunting.....Dianne