Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Thinking Of All Eventualities …..

Obviously, there is a palpable and tangible excitement mounting  re: our impending visitation from Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentor who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill, and though Castle Greysquirrel be everso humble, we are determined that Hugh’s visit is executed as if it were a state visit by The Queen himself herself and our hospitality will know no bounds!
So,  it was with the most pertinent and opportune of timing that I noticed that our village Tesco Express (the only Tesco in the village), now has a book section …….
…… amply stocked with books of a local type nature, which could prove to be very useful, in particular, one on local dialect.
In fairness, Hugh has never said that he has  any difficulty understanding what any of us are saying, so long as we talk slowly, but I may be tempted to make a considered purchase just in case Hugh wishes to go into town alfresco and unaccompanied.  It’s all very well for him to say “Darrrrrlingggggggg,  everyone but everyone speaks and understands zee language of style and zee joie de vive, I shall be fine ….. mais if I don’t understand what someone is saying  ……  I shall respond by just shouting a little louder!” …….. but this is Wolverhampton we are talking about Hugh!!!!!!!
Hugh has also mentioned once or twice that it is our “Northern Ways” that he sometimes has a soupcon of difficulty with, however I think that perhaps the feeling might be mutual ….
……I am not sure Wolverhampton or our village are quite ready for Hugh and his flouncy and flamboyant London ways …….. I wonder if Tesco has any books on local customs, culture and etiquette ……. and advice as to when wearing a feather boa is appropriate!


Mr.D said...

Accirding to me, Wolverhampton is down south.
You could teach Hugh how to say the following in a Black Country yam yam accent:
pie = poy
nine = noine
five = foive
pint = point
Banga bus = buzz
mine = moine
“Oooh Arrh” = “Oh yes”
Take him to Gornal and say "It ai the wus."

Anonymous said...

AAhhhh, the little details.......with London being a leading city of the world and I am assuming very international, Hugh is probably very adept and experienced with village versus city cultures ..... he also is undoubtedly well traveled and quite at home everywhere ......not to worry, your friendship will see you through and ensure a great visit!....Dianne