Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Promise Of Fruitfulness

Before we went away, I had checked on the blackberry situation and it looked very promising, but on our return Nigel decided to check too ……..
IMG_3699…… nothing disappointed!  Give it just a week and I think we will be able to pick our very first punnet of said blackberries of 2017, and from the looks of it, there will be even more than last year, when we were found sadly unprepared.
IMG_3705And, as an extra bonus, last year, for some reason, we totally missed the plum trees at the bottom of the bank in front of The Towers ……..
…….. let’s just say they are laden, with the promise of a freezer full of plum and blackberry crumbles in the bag, nom nom nom.  They are a bit high up, so we aren’t completely sure how we will actually capture them, we may have to find a very long stick, do a bit of serious brandishing and then watch where said fruit falls to forage …….. but where there is a will, there is a way.
We also have yellow plums in abundance too ……. Darrell is currently looking for plum jam recipes on the internet, as we are not sure how difficult it is to make, but even one jar would be a momentous achievement and occasion, and we would be so proud!
IMG_3712One thing’s for certain, scurvy will be a total stranger to The Towers this summer ……. and our five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten a day regime assured, we are truly blessed in a cornucopian type way!!!


Mr.D said...

The crumbles have my mouth watering!

Dianne said...

So much fun to enjoy nature's bounty when it is a special gift that comes our end to Evesham's bounty!....enjoy the goodies ......Love,Dianne