Saturday, 1 July 2017

Poor Darrell …….

While Nigel and I appear to be immune from the attentions of the native mosquitos, poor Darrell has become something of a martyr to them,  a prime target for feasting upon to put it bluntly, much to his dismay. 
IMG_2997Darrell prides himself on his well turned calves and neat ankles, but at the present moment the overall effect is a bit spoilt by a fine gathering of the itchy, red blotches.  He is not amused!
As a result he is now sporting a repellent wrist band on each wrist and both ankles and the rest of him is doused with a liberal application of mosquito spray …..
IMG_2998…….. and I think we have enough repellent plug-ins to supply the whole hotel.
IMG_2851However, when I told him that I thought I had read somewhere that the consumption of alcohol can lower your exhalation of CO2, the thing that attracts the mozzies to you, it was a no brainer, all the cocktails are on Darrell tonight!


Mr.D said...

Bracelets on all extremities?

A sneaky ploy to get the cocktails out of Darrell.

Anonymous said...

Darrell is a hot blooded male - the mozzies can home in on his strength and vigour from miles away. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Poor Darrell, when you are the mosquitoes buffet, it does ruin summer time.....unfortunately, here in Florida, we fight them year round!....a few bumps won't spoil Darrell's good looks!.....Love to all, Dianne