Tuesday, 11 July 2017

It’s Good To Have A Plan

This morning I was a monkey on a mission, leaving Darrell and Nigel mooching round the shops before they hit the beach.IMG_2921I left strict instructions with Darrell to keep Nigel as far away as possible from the inflatable pink flamingo ring he had set his heart on since getting here, every day I have had to tell him that it was far too big for him and that he really wouldn’t be able to stay on it for more than five/six seconds.
And, when I met up with them an hour or so later, Darrell said that if Nigel seemed slightly out of sorts, it was because said inflatable pink flamingo had gone from outside the shop, and then later on, they noticed a very similar, if not the same one in the sea a little further down the beach.
IMG_2916 So, it was indeed very fortuitous that I had some exciting news to impart to distract Nigel from his ornithological disappointment ……
I had been up to the tour operator near our hotel and booked two surprise trips, one to Kassiopi and the other to Corfu Town to give us a little more of the flavour of Corfu before we go home.  There was robust excitement and a flamingo almost forgotten.
IMG_2935It was very hot, and after all my hard work I had promised myself an appointment with this months Good Housekeeping, a recent addition from our hotel library  and quickly purloined by myself ……..IMG_2986 …… leaving Darrell to look for holey stones ……IMG_2929……. and Nigel do what Nigel likes to do, but avoiding any/all much mentioned pink flamingos floating about in the sea!


Mr.D said...

The trips sound great. Hopefully Nigel won't see and pink plastic flamingos in his wanderings.

Dianne said...

pink flamingo love will be hard to match but the surprise forays should do it!...Corfu does offer summertime fun of the best sort with seemingly endless time to mooch around;lucky you!.....Love,Dianne