Saturday, 29 July 2017

Tangible And Palpable Excitement

I think that Darrel and Nigel have quickly realised that having tickets for a large, pre-recorded TV show requires a steadfast and focused patience of  a long queue type nature! 
WP_20170722_14_55_06_ProI understand that they got up early, so that Darrell could study his information sheet yet again.  They had to report with said much read information sheet to the North East entrance of the Arena by no later than 12.30, Darrell made sure that they were there for 11.30am.  When they got to the appointed door there were only a few people there, mainly ticketing staff, but were still told that they would have to walk right to the bottom of the road and then follow the snaking barriers back until they were back at the self same spot they were currently standing at!
WP_20170722_10_35_29_ProSo, after about twenty minutes of snaking Darrell and Nigel arrived back to find a queue of about ten in front of them, Darrell’s information street was the duly scanned, photo identification inspected  …. and then ……. they finally got their tickets, Nigel said it was “emotional”!
boot.mThey were then told to return, this time to the South East entrance for 3.30pm but at this moment in time they don’t actually know when the show will start. This gave them a little time in which to occupy themselves, they did moot going into London for a few hours but Darrell really didn’t want to risk anything that may cause them to be late for their 3.30pm rendezvous, so I gather they are currently in Finchley (??? don’t ask me why?) mooching in Habitat, several charity shops and Flying Tiger …….
WP_20170722_12_07_02_Pro ……. before finding a fine establishment for a lazyish lunch.  Nigel said that he has had to take Darrell to task about being too excited to eat, saying that after seeing all the snaking barriers they would have to negotiate on their return to the arena it would be just too heart-breaking to even contemplate Darrell passing out through low blood pressure blood sugar at the final hurdle. Nigel has also told me that I probably won’t hear from them again now until it’s all over as he doesn’t want to be the one on the phone, in the queue, saying “Hello, can you hear me ….. I’m in the queue!”, what is he like?
WP_20170722_14_54_48_ProMeanwhile …….. back at The Towers I am just enjoying the deafening peace and quiet, save for the occasional crunching of my third hob nob …. bliss!


Mr.D said...

What a palaver, just to get in. I hope it is worth it.

I want a Hobnob! In fact, I want a whole packet, and I want it now!

Anonymous said...

This is SO exciting! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Goodness me!....this really is complicated; but I know it is memory making.....a whole day's adventure and worth every minute....can't wait to hear what happens when you are inside!...Love, Dianne