Thursday, 27 July 2017

Darrell and Nigel’s First Forage Of The Season …….

My tactic yesterday to distract Darrell from all things X Factor seems to have worked, because this morning he woke up distracted, not by the thought of what is in the bowl that Simon constantly picks at while he is judging, but by the thought of making jam …….………….IMG_3709………. and so in afternoon he persuaded Nigel to join him in a little foraging for blackberries for said delicacy.
Armed with a Tupperware box off they trotted, however, I think that they had both forgotten that blackberry picking can be quite a prickly affair as Darrell had to untangle Nigel several times from the clutches of rampant rogue brambles.
I think they have picked enough to make two jars of jam, with a few left over to freeze for crumbles etc. They decided it might be best not to run before we can walk in the jam making stakes, as we are absolute notices at the art, better start off small and then increase with confidence after a little success.
The blackberries are now soaking in salty water to remove all the bugs, it would be just too embarrassing, should our jam be good enough to share, to proffer it to a guest only for them to find a “creature” splayed out inflagranti on their breakfast toast …………we like to do things just so at The Towers!!!


Mr.D said...

Did they eat a lot of them on the way round picking the berries?

I don't think any bugs or insects will be caught "In flagrante delicto." Not after being boiled, when the jam was made.

Anonymous said...

Yum - I'm coming over for breakfast toast pronto, set me a place a la tableau. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

No, bugs would be a definite host nightmare particularly if sharing the jars, but as Mr.D noted, they wouldn't survive the cooking....a summer day's work offering so very many rewards with lots of noms guaranteed!...would garden gloves help the picking process?....happy marmalade day!...Love to all, Dianne