Tuesday, 25 July 2017

X Factor Fever Hits Chez Towers.

This morning absolute pandemonium broke out at The Towers…. Darrell has been trying to get tickets to  see the X Factor for ages, constantly checking to see if/when any were available and then applying, but all to no avail …….. until yesterday …..
IMG_3688…….. when the aforementioned pandemonium broke out!! He’s only gone and got two tickets to be in the audience for the Boot Camp stage of the show!
IMG_3690There was almost no doing with him, until he saw the date ……  it’s only this Saturday at Wembley! I have never seen him so focused, first he asked Nigel if he would like to accompany him, knowing that if he asked me I would insist that Nigel go anyway ………
IMG_3691I knew Nigel would also be beside himself at the thought of seeing Sir Lord Simon Cowell, Nicole Slingyourhook, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne in real life and the flesh!
IMG_3692……. Then train tickets were booked, as too a Premier Inn, Oyster Cards were also topped up, suitable wardrobe discussed and a small suitcase almost packed……….
IMG_3694What is he like, if not a well oiled, going to see X Factor machine, an event that has been on his bucket list for too many years to remember, I am so  excited for him ………
IMG_3696……. and of course Nigel, I just hope I can keep them both as calm as humanly possible until Friday, when their adventure begins.


Mr.D said...

Sounds great, even though I don't know anything about the boot camp.

I hope you will see Hugh and Marc too. That would make the weekend even more special.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-how thrilling. Only just back from your holidays then you're off on your travels again. Looking forward to hearing all about the show.


Anonymous said...

Exciting times or what????? Can't wait to hear all about it - you do mix and brush shoulders pads with rich and famous. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

How fantastic when dreams come true...... good times just keep coming and this weekend promises more great fun.....enjoy every minute!...Love you, Dianne