Thursday, 6 July 2017

Holiday Reading Of A Rather Mind Fuddling Type Nature

Darrell and Nigel raided the hotel magazine collection yesterday which in turn lead to some very “bizarre” beach discussions and not a little debate…….
…… a distraction, I suppose, from the normal de rigueur snoozing, swimming, rubbing in of sun protection products, sandcastle building and naturally, wondering what we should do for lunch.
  It has to be said that as strangers to a woman’s magazine it was all a bit of a revelation.
Darrell absolutely forbade me to study the comfy shoe pages to closely, he said Hugh would have been horrified, as he is oft heard to say (Hugh, not Darrell) there is no pain without gain, and for Hugh platforms are still very much en vogue!
IMG_3200And there will certainly not be any lift and heave ho chairs at The Towers, tempting though it is at times to “ …….sit, relax and snooze”, knowing Nigel the engine would be worn out in a week, and for the moment Darrell insists that style must come over any kind of substance!
IMG_3202However, I did think he lingered a little too long over the stunning faux red diamond elephant on its polished mirror base ……..
…….. and with it’s lucky upturned trunk …….
IMG_3205I don’t care if it is a unique limited edition of just 300,000.  If I can’t have comfy shoes, The Towers is certainly not being graced by an red glass elephant, no matter how many artisans were involved in it’s design and production.
IMG_3209But I think it was Nigel who was the most hypnotised …….. by Shreddies, the original flatulence filtering garments!!!!!!!!!
IMG_3210 ……….. I daresay that at times the wearing of said garments would be most welcome ……particularly after one of my Three Bean Cobblers …..
IMG_3212…… I just hope he has forgotten all about them by Christmas ……… because I am not sure what Santa would make of being asked a coupe of pairs, just to see if they really work after quadruple helpings of sprouts!
Ahhhhhhhhh Happy Days!


Mr.D said...

Is the red elephant a bit of a white elephant?

Maybe control flatulence by stuffing odour eaters down your pants, or eat some charcoal.

PharmacyMichele said...

Well-the things you learn on this blog! I never knew anything about the alternative Shreddies!!


YorkshireKaren said...

Oh Monkey you have made me laugh so much this morning, I narrowly escaped splurting my tea all over the bed! Shreddies!!! Who knew?! Well I think that's my family Christmas list sorted then ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Happy holidays xx

Anonymous said...

Shreddies - I say, SHREDDIES - once a breakfast cereal, always a breakfast cereal to me!!! However after reading the blog today I'm now not going to be to enjoy a bowl first thing in the morning as I used to - you boyz DO have a LOT to answer for!!! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Oh my,having lived a sheltered life, the things I don't know; definitely never knew shreddies existed!..that red elephant is a scene stealer but it seems to need just the right room that's some place else......wonderful summer days for all of you!....Love ya, Dianne