Saturday, 8 July 2017

Corfuvian Flora And Fauna

Our hotel doesn’t really have any grounds, but what little space it has is robustly abundant with the flora and fauna of Greece.
I have to be honest that we were never been much of gardeners back at Castle Greysquirrel, we had a man that did to do the lawn and chop things back and I suppose the same can be said of The Towers, where the mowing and cutting back of the communal gardens was included in the deal.
But I sometimes think that perhaps, at times, Nigel yearns for things of domestic horticultural nature, if only to stroke,  as I have noticed him sighing a little and running his fingers through some of the plants as he walks through the pathway to our room.
His very favourites are the row of what look like very hairy green creatures, all they need are a pair of googly eyes each ……..
IMG_3243……. and he loves the grapes …….
…… and I have to admit it would be soooooooooo romantic to have our own grape bushes.
IMG_3250…. and as for lemons, well that would be almost too much, and by there hangs a tale …………


Mr.D said...

Lemons could be part of your five a day regimen.
Or part of some exotic coctail.

You could lose Nigel in the undergrowth for days at a time, if you're not careful.

Dianne said...

Truthfully, looking at and enjoying a garden is very different than cultivating and maintaining one!...perhaps Nigel has a green thumb but would be satisfied with a few flowering potted plants; even lemon trees will grow in a those grapes!....Love from Dianne