Wednesday, 5 July 2017

We Love A Foreign Crisp

This should have been Mondays post but it got lost in the Greek ether, probably something to do with the heat!

There is nothing we like more than a mooch round a Greek Mini Mart ………
IMG_2873We always play “first one to spot the Marmite” and this year Nigel won the honour.  However, that is as far as it goes, when we are in foreign climes we like to eat as the natives, Marmite may be our savoury spread of choice back at The Towers, but in Greece (or any other country for that matter) it does not pass our lips). We are not the sort of Brits who seek out a full English on holiday, that would just be toooooooooo rude!  But it is reassuring to know that the staples are there in an emergency type of situation.
IMG_3110We also very much enjoy looking for the odd exotic crisp or two ……. the Honey Butter, I have to say was an acquired taste …….
IMG_3111…… and the Fou Dou Nia just sounded so un-Greek, but for some reason Nigel did not make a considered purchase of these delicacies …….. I think it may have been the “possible” peanut flavour he wasn’t quite savouring!
IMG_2972It was the tomato ketchup flavour Ruffles that had him getting his wallet out, we can now get tomato ketchup stix and Cheetos from the select Polish shops of Evesham ……
IMG_2970 ……. but you know we are really on a Greek Odyssey when we have a packet of Tomato Ketchup Ruffles as part of our five a day holiday beach picnic!!  What are we like, if not very, very predictable?  Nom nom nom!


Mr.D said...

Ether, or æther, from the Greek for upper air.

Always a good idea, trying the local goodies.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness to me - what a beautiful site on the beach - monkey you are rockin' those sun specs, young Nige - you can have all those tom ketch ruffles to your good self. Hols or not! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

think I would be lost with the Greek names on the crisps and would completely rely on the package picture!....the Ruffles look perfect for holiday snacking......couldn't be a better way to spend a summer day!....lucky you!.....Love, Dianne