Friday, 7 July 2017

Holiday Noms

This is the life! While I get on with my book ……
IMG_2934……. Darrell and Nigel can review their latest comestible lunch time find from the mini supermarket up the road!
…… to wit one pack of Grape Must Cookies …….. or as the Greeks call them Moustokouloura.IMG_2978Or ….. as Nigel has christened them, belly button biscuits!  What is he like?
IMG_2980They are certainly a new delicacy on us, but Darrell and Nigel had to admit that the name doesn’t instantly conjure up the flavour of something that is overtly nom nom nom. From what they have gleaned from the internet, and I quote “ ……. they are classic Greek cookies eaten as a tasty accompaniment with coffee or tea. They have the distinctive taste of must, which is taken from pressed grapes before they are made into wine. The quality of the must determines their taste, as they don’t have any added sugar” …… a description, I have to say, that still fails to get the gastric juices flowing!
IMG_2982But the proof of a Moustokouloura is in the eating, and they were, according to Nigel and Darrell OK, moist, and not unlike a soft, not very gingery gingerbread. The cloves in the list of ingredients also put them off a little, but they said that they couldn’t really taste them.  So on their Richter Scale of Greek Beach Noms the much mentioned Moustokouloura scored a passable 5 out of 10 seashells! Happy Days!


Mr.D said...

The belly button might put off some people, before you get to the flavour.

Dianne said...

aaaah! peaceful time but for those two hard working food reviewers their work is never done!....the cookies do look interesting .....the good life does become you!......Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

After your very interesting blog post I was really interested to find a recipe for these Moustokouloura bisquicks - so I looked them up - the picture I saw of them looks even worse than the belly button! JantheFan x