Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Our Hotel

We are quite happy with our hotel. As far as hotels go we have simple needs, our room doesn’t have to have all the whistles, bells and flutes as we aim to spend as little time as possible in there, and any time we do spend, we are generally showering, changing or asleep, just so long as it’s clean and tidy …… and so far, we seem to have had clean sheets and towels almost every day.
IMG_2864And speaking of bathrooms/showers, ours can be described in one word as bold.  I have it in mind that one day the shower room chez Towers will echo with a Moroccan flavour of a tiled type nature …….. but perhaps not as repetitive a design as our said bathroom/shower.
IMG_3007The hotel have a restaurant, but with so many other eating establishments in town to tempt our palates we are quite happy to just enjoy our breakfasts in situ.  There is also a large library of magazines and books left by fellow holiday makers which we have all availed ourselves of, with some very interesting reading and ensuing conversations, but of that another day!
IMG_2918The side of the hotel along the road (and pool) is in the guise of a Greek longboat, which we have learned is called a trireme, with oars and a mast and evil eye, it is quite impressive ……
IMG_2919……. but hard to fit into one photo!
The pool area is a most welcome place to return to after a day on the beach. Nigel has demonstrated his impressive butterfly leg kick and drew gasps of admiration when he circumnavigated the whole pool underwater  including all the curved bits ……. well, as he said, anyone can do a length underwater, what is he like?
IMG_3010The pool area also includes a bar, but we have availed ourselves of it’s comforts only once (so far).  The barman reminds us of Mateo from Benidorm but only Greek. I think the cocktails may be a little stronger here, and the nuts are complimentary, but, for us, it doesn’t quite match the ambience and atmosphere of The Malibu Bar, just across the road.  Happy Days!


Mr.D said...

It looks great and the sky is very blue.

Nigel is an impressive underwater swimmer!

Mr.D said...

P.S. What happened to Monday?

Either you or I have lost it.

Anonymous said...

Sigh - wish I was there right now and not staring out at rain, rain and yet more rain. I'd be more than happy to circumnavigate the pool with Nige anytime. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

what a very attractive setting for a Greek holiday, but also comfortable and perfect for lazy summer days.....only natural dear Nigel is gathering an admiring audience with his usual charming ways.....enjoy every moment of these special summer days!.....Love, Dianne