Sunday, 23 July 2017

Evesham River Festival

I know Nigel has, at times, hankered for the days of the village carnival and the floats that used to pass by Castle Greysquirrel each year …… but yesterday Evesham came up trumps and I have the feeling that we may never hear the melancholy sighs for those particular occasions again ………..
……. because in the afternoon we all decided to amble up to the Evesham River Festival ….. let’s just say … was emotional. 
Nigel had mentioned while Darrell and I were getting over our jet lag that there seemed to be more water bound traffic than usual passing by The Towers in a town type direction, and this was obviously the reason.
When we got into town it was thronging with people wielding, Darrell noted, what must have been de rigueur for the occasion, very large picnic baskets…….
…… and then all down the river boats and barges were decorated like carnival floats, just like in the homeland, but on water, I thought Nigel was going to burst ……
……. and on board all the nautical type people were entertaining their family and friends very acceptable looking teas and suppers, it was all so English …..we felt proud, no one does bunting like we do!
All the flats on the opposite side of the river had gazebos and parties along the towpath and in the riverside communal gardens …….
……. to be honest, when we saw this we were a little jealous, if we were just a little nearer town we might have been able to the same.
IMG_3671There were stalls, live music, a dog show and a duck race amongst other things……… and, where we were very sadly lacking, aforementioned picnic baskets and blankets in every direction, with everyone vying for the best position, because there was more to come …….
 boatsimages (1)
……. because, as the balmy Evesham night drew in, all the boats lit up, and by then Nigel really did need to be calmed down, just hoooooooooooooow romantic is that?
images (2)images
……. and that’s not all …… because, at half past ten there was a humungous firework display and it has to be said, that by this stage our old village carnival had been totally eclipsed  for Nigel!!!
This year we were absolute novices, mere observers for the first time, next year we will be prepared, perhaps Nigel wanting to get a boat by then is a touch ambitious, but we will definitely be there with our plaid blanket,  a Gordon Blue cordon bleu picnic basket and Darrell has promised special River Festival Cocktails to sip thorough out the proceedings …….. what are we like?


Di said...

Oh this looks absolutely marvellous boys! Such fun with all that glorious bunting and the evening looks so romantic. Err, but just a little word of warning - I bet Nigel puts a canoe on his list for Santa this year so be prepared, you might not be able to get away with it after all :) Snort.


Di x and Hank and Marvin!!

Mr.D said...

Greysquirrel floats, or real floats? No contest?
What about ice cream floats?

It all looks wonderful, especially at night.

Dianne said...

What a beautiful and so very romantic festival with wonderful events at every turn!....a whole day of the best fun and so much to look forward to next time with a carefully planned picnic basket ....what a great day this was!....Love ya, Dianne