Friday, 21 July 2017

Peace Of Mind

Darrell and I still seem to be suffering from an unduly vigorous and debilitating bout of jet lag, we have always succumbed to a certain degree after all our Greek Odysseys, but never this bad.
IMG_3804Some cynical readers might point the finger at the last round of cocktails we enjoyed in Arillas before our mini bus picked us up, but as seasoned cocktail aficionados, I think that it is very, very doubtful!!!
IMG_3803However, Nigel has been bright eyed and bushy tailed and as such a most attentive “nursemaid” ………….
IMG_3802…….. he’s a pretty good pillow plumper and his frequent cups of hot sweet tea, accompanied by the odd  hob nob or two, or three have been almost degenerative  regenerative in their powers!
IMG_3436But, he had been a bit worried about his beloved swans, so domestic duties performed, he nipped down to the weir to see if he could spot them, sadly they weren’t around, but the good news, he bumped into his friend The Swan Lady and she said mum, dad and the remaining two babies were all still doing well.
IMG_3437The Canada Geese were very pleased to see Nigel though, it was most probably something to do with the big bag of swan and duck food Jan The Fan had sent him that he was carrying, but nevertheless it was a warm welcome.  All is well along the riverbank, so relief all round for Nigel.


Dianne said...

Big relief all is well on the riverfront ....with Nigels's care and some time, all will be back to normal before you know, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Glad the waterfowl population is still enjoying the bird food - they are up here too! Our local swans have three little cygnets and they are adorable! Well done Nige on getting out and about - communing with nature is far far better than a duvet day - of that there is no doubt! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

All good with the tales of the riverbank.
Have you seen Hammy Hamster?